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Hi There and Thanks for dropping in:

This site is for the love of English Springer Spaniels; all of them: the Field Springers with their foxy noses and spattered coats, the Bench Springers with their knee-length ears, and the Springers born of both. I'm no snob when it comes to defining the perfect Springer, because I've never met a Springer I didn't like.

We presently have puppies. A litter of seven from our Gubbie and Domino. To learn more, go to the  About Puppies and Such page.

Springer Slide Show:

This page is for you, Springer Moms and Dads: Congratulations on being the greatest Springer parents in the world.

"Thanks for all the wonderful photos.  I'm happy to know, now your baby's grown, you still love your Springer pup."

Swell! Let's have a slide show: Do you recognize anybody??

Lil's boys 8


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